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This is awesome!

Day 1: Showed up late and ended up stuck with the 'Advanced Group.'

10 Minute Mark: All going well, warmed up and running like a champion.
11 Minute Mark: This is the worst experience of my life. I want to die.
24 Minute Mark: Bowels beginning to fail. Must run at the back of the group. Damn, forgot to pack the toilet paper.
33 Minute Mark: I think I can see Jesus. I can see him, its beautiful....
41 Minute Mark: If you wanted to know what life would be like if the Nazi's won the war - exercise with Avril during RIFT
52 Minute Mark: There is an alien running next to me, offering a freshly poured glass of Guiness. It's creeping me out.
60 Minute Mark: I don't remember running down these big hills...Sebastian is a liar.

A great challenge - fun, with lots of hard work, great leadership and team motivation. I look forward to tomorrow's next adventure!

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